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DB Specialised Coatings is dedicated to provide our clients with a product and service that is superior to any other seen or experienced before. Our core business currently consists of providing an innovative construction solution in the following fields:

  • Repairing and Reconditioning of Rotating equipment - Sandblasting and Specialised Coatings in Pumps and other Equipment.
  • Through our highly skilled team of professionals we can offer the solution to all your project requirements.
  • Through stringent Quality Control Measures our clients are always assured of the best possible product and service.
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    Pump Refurbishments

    DB Specialised Coatings staff has a wealth of experience in the pumping industry, we offer services to help refurbish or upgrade your existing pumps saving you time and money.

    We pride ourselves in helping our customers enhance their existing pump assets as an alternative to supplying a new pump for a new application.On many occasions we have saved our customers significant costs by modifying or refurbishing their existing pumps.

    Some of the pumps include end suction centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, multi-stage pumps, horizontal split case pumps, sump pumps, centrifugal slurry pumps etc...

    Before you replace your existing pump call us on +27 16 971 1504 to find out if we can save you money by servicing or refurbishing it.


    Machining Facility

    We provide In-house Machining Facilities.


    Pressure Test/Sandblast

    In-house Pressure Testing and Sandblasting done.


    Valve Refurbishments

    DB Specialised Coatings offers complete reconditioning services of valves. Our qualified professionals , who hold years of valuable experience in this domain perform this servicing of valves and adhere to the strict industry quality norms.
    Some examples of the Valves are Dome Valves, Cone Valves, HP Steam Valves, Parallel Slide Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves etc...



    We use specialised solvent free cold applied repair material that does not require any hot work and allows for quick and safe application reducing costs and down time.
    The ceramic filled epoxy coatings can be used to provide exceptional wear resistance as well as erosion, corrosion and chemical protection across a range of temperatures.


    About Us

    DB Specialised Coatings ensures that our clients maintain the leading edge in all our offered solutions through:

  • Constantly updating our software to incorporate the latest developments in the technological world of project management and execution.
  • Keep our costing in line with market trends through the use of Customised Costing Programs as well as the BS 34001 and BS 34002 Specifications.
  • Our Database of approved suppliers and service providers enables DB Specialised Coatings to provide you with top class service at all times.
  • We offer all our clients an uncompromising attitude towards a Quality Product, individual attention focused on the needs of each client, total planning and construction solutions, cutting edge technology deliverables and knowledge for today's competitive market place and managing equipment that needs to be done on a breakdown (priority 1) basis - Sasol/Mittal - 12/14 Horizontal Split Casing Pumps - 3 days.


    DB Specialised Coatings adheres to stringent Quality Specifications and standards that you would find at any other “international” company with the added advantage of a ‘hands on’ type of management style.

    Our knowledge of Chemical Plants and our safe working methods enable DB Specialised Coatings to offer you a full specialised coatings protective coating and insulation solution from planning stage right through to commissioning and hand over.

    Though an approved suppliers database we can offer the correct quality of material to execute projects and by using real time cost control and a motivated/dedicated maintenance crew our clients’ needs always come first.

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